Company Overview

BEL Environment Engineering LLC is an environmental engineering and consulting firm specializing in solid waste consulting, compliance support, environment engineering, surveying services, and construction quality assurance. They have a staff of engineers and industry experts with years of experience in solid waste.

“Developing a platform with dynamic functionality and alluring design for you to flourish and expand your network.”

Problem Statement

The website of BEL Environment Engineering LLC was not performing well and had a lot of issues. They faced less customer engagement, and the bounce rate was pretty high. They weren’t also getting the desired leads from their platform, so they wanted to revamp their website and start again with better UI and UX that could indulge their consumer and help them generate better revenue.


The key problems faced by BEL were;

  • Unappealing user interface
  • High load time
  • Unproper navigation
  • Non-satisfactory user journey

Action Plan

FlutuxStudio’s experts got to it from the word go. The main focus of our team was to revamp the website with a better UI and UX experience. We ensured the colors, animations, content, and graphics all worked together in harmony, allowing consumers to feel connected when they landed on the website. Moreover, we ensured that the new website represents BEL with a modern approach to captivate clients and allow them to generate their desired traffic and revenue.


BEL Engineering


Web Design & Development


March, 2020


Solid & Waste Management

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