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The best eCommerce Solution for emerging entrepreneurs and large businesses. Focus on visibility with services that #FocusOnYou. Run your physical and digital stores, while you make your brand omnichannel by design.

Integrate the front and back-end of your retail store with tailor made services

eCommerce is one of the hottest sectors in the technology transformation space, offering organizations the opportunity to create new revenue streams from global customers, expand into new markets, and improve their operational efficiency. At the same time, companies need smart, end-to-end eCommerce solutions that address everything from your brand positioning to their technology platform. These systems need to work together seamlessly, driving targeted traffic and growing profitable revenue.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Flutux Studio,
We make websites that work.

As an experienced technology solutions provider, we offer a portfolio of customized e-commerce solutions including professional e-commerce website design and e-commerce website development services for creating a highly rewarding online e-commerce store that generates more consistent sales and profits to your business.

We have helped our clients in expanding their business scope and targeting local and international customers through building efficient e-commerce online stores for convenient online shopping experiences generating endless business opportunities for sales, upselling and cross-selling transactions with secured multiple online payment gateways and options.

Our team extensive web design and development expertise guarantee providing the best e-commerce solutions offered by the best e-commerce solutions provider in-house studio transforming your investment into a rewarding consistent revenue source.

As an end-to-end eCommerce solution Provider, we’re skilled in:

Customizing the platform of your choice to fit your goals


E-commerce Website Development Company

The scope of main technologies we use

Our expertise with eCommerce Implementation helps you:

Make your brand omnichannel
Combine physical & digital stores
Personalize content & promotions
Gain a unified view of operations

Unlocking the benefits of

eCommerce for your Business

Comprehensive omnichannel solution
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase revenue
  • Optimize operations
Versatile content management
  • Customize the offerings
  • Store user-friendly
  • Better flexibility
Streamline operations using AI in the cloud
  • Pervasive, and context-aware cloud intelligence
  • Optimized back-office operations
  • Distributed order management
App integrations
  • Customization abilities
  • Easily integrated with apps
  • Third party integrations
Robust marketing tools
  • Run successful promotions
  • Manage social media profiles
  • Generate one-to-one predictions for shoppers
Predictive intelligence
  • Improve the accuracy and order of products with Predictive Sort
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Harness data to deliver personalized experiences


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